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Why work for Surrey video transcript

Coronavirus update

Subject to the ongoing situation, it's essential that we continue recruiting safely. Therefore, interviews and communication will be virtual wherever possible and this will be communicated to you directly by the hiring manager.

Please also expect that advert closing dates and interview dates may change as required. We still continue to welcome applications for our current roles and wish you the best of luck with your application.

We would welcome applications especially for our most critical roles to ensure we're supporting our residents

The single most important thing we have in Surrey is our staff.

We've got great people working for us and what we want to do is to invest in them to make sure that they can absolutely achieve all that they're capable of achieving on behalf of the residents of Surrey.

Surrey's come from a difficult place.

A few years ago Surrey wasn't doing particularly well.

Staff and members have worked incredibly hard for two and a half years and we're now a high-performing council, but that's not enough for us.

We want to go on and be the very best.

The work we do is really important.

It matters.

It makes a difference.

If we weren't here, lives would be worse in Surrey, so it's really important that we get it right and it's really important that everyone who works for Surrey is absolutely committed to doing a good job.

My role and the role of the senior managers in the organisation is to make sure that the people who are out there working with residents, working with children, working with older adults - that we give them the very best tools and equipment to do the very best job that they can do.

That's what we're here to do and that's what we will do.

I think the most important thing for me is that I want people who really care about what they do.

I don't want people for whom it's just a job in that sense it's just something they do to earn a living.

I mean, obviously, people want to be well paid - that's important - but, for me, I want people who've got some passion.

They really care about it.

It matters to them because they know it matters to the people they're working with and I think that's what we're looking for in the people who come to work for Surrey.

The future is uncertain.

The one thing we do know is that the more we can operate as one team, the more we can invest in each other's development in the quality of what we do, the more we can support each other, the more likely we are to be successful in that future.

Surrey's full of very talented people who are very passionate about their work.

They care deeply about making an impact in people's lives.

If that sounds like the sort of place you want to work, then come and have a look at us.