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Surrey County Council Trade Unions Group

What is the Surrey County Council Trade Unions (SCCTU) Group?

All recognised trade unions and associations in Surrey are members of the Surrey County Council Trade Unions (SCCTU). The main aim of SCCTU is to speak as one body in response to SCC initiatives and to represent the interests of its constituent bodies and their members.

SCC consults corporately with SCCTU in a forum, which exists for discussion and to foster a harmonious working relationship between SCC and employees. Generally SCC will discuss and consult on significant proposals with SCCTU where any decisions are likely to affect the interests or wellbeing of employees.

SSCTU meets every six weeks approximately and its AGM takes place in December. It also makes responses to corporate policies and its Officers and nominees represent SSCTU views on working parties and consultative groups. The officers (Chair, Equalities, Health and Safety, Secretary and Communications) meet with the Chief Executive and representatives of the County Council Leadership Team (CLT) regularly and with the Human Resources Leadership Team (HRLT) even more frequently. SSCTU also has regular contact with Elected Members.

Reports of SSCTU discussions are available from your union or you can contact SCCTU directly through:

  • Secretary: Jane Armitage (UNISON),
  • Chair: Tamsin Honeybourne (ATL) -
  • Equalities officer: David King (UNISON),
  • Health and Safety, Welfare Officer and Treasurer: Ted Truscoe (NUT),
  • Communications Officer: Tina Hood (GMB),

Details are available of what a trade union is, how to join and contact details of local representatives.