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Debbie Roche - Support assistant

Debbie joined Surrey two years ago as a Team Administrator within Adult Services but is currently working as a Business Support Officer. What attracted her to her original role was Surrey's positive reputation as a local employer.


"I knew Surrey was a good organisation to work for so I applied for the role," she says. "And since I've been here I've fitted in well. The people are great right across the organisation, there's loads of interaction and everyone is really helpful.

One of Debbie's major achievements since joining Surrey was her considerable involvement in the Electronic Social Care Register, one of the latest new systems to be introduced at Surrey.


"We piloted it in Guildford and I played a big part in this process. Essentially, I was a 'super user' responsible for communicating how the new system worked to other members of the team.

Debbie's two years at Surrey have been hugely rewarding and fulfilling and she can see herself staying here for some time yet. "There's still a lot I hope to achieve in my career and I believe I can do this at Surrey. It's a great place to be."