Our vision for our apprenticeships

Colin Kemp - Deputy Leader of the Council

Apprenticeships are really important to the economy of Surrey. This County needs people with the skills that Apprentices can provide. I started my life as an apprentice motor mechanic and it led to good things. Actually, we don't all have to go to university and get a degree. Employers are looking for people that have experience as well as qualifications and that's what an apprenticeship brings to the table.

Here at Surrey County Council, we are bringing more and more apprenticeships into our work life here because it's important to build the skill sets that we need tomorrow. If you look at the diversity we need throughout Surrey and the skills that are needed, apprenticeships are an important part of building the foundation of the workforce within our County and that grows the economy within Surrey.

When considering being an apprentice, it is important to look at the courses that are available, to look at the career opportunities an apprenticeship can bring you and to feed into that and consider it in your work life as you go forward.

2030 Vision:

An important part of Surrey's 2030 vision is actually finding the skills gap and people not being left behind so being an apprentice feeds into that and is an important part of the makeup of Surreys workforce and drives the economy forwards which is all part of our Vision to make Surrey healthy, wealthy and a good place to live for everybody.

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