Become an apprentice

Wherever you are at in your career 'Fire It Up' with an apprenticeship

Surrey County Council is proud to be a great place to work for all generations whether you're starting your career or fancying a change! Whether you are just leaving education, changing careers or returning to work - if what you're looking for is a long and lasting career - then this is your chance to receive excellent training and personal development.

You don't have to be a school leaver or a young person to start an apprenticeship.

Our apprenticeship scheme provides a perfect way to earn a wage while you gain vital work experience and a nationally recognised qualification. When you have completed we can offer support to seek future employment.

You will be fully supported and mentored through your apprenticeship and be given protected time to complete your course work.

Who can apply?

Apply for apprenticeships

The scheme is designed for individuals who are:

  • 16 or over by the end of the summer holidays (you can apply for an apprenticeship while you are still at school),
  • living and entitled to work in England, and
  • are not in full-time education.

Upon attending an interview you will need provide evidence of the above to be considered for an apprenticeship. A Disclosure and Barring Service (Gov.UK) may also be required.

Qualifications and levels of apprenticeships

Apprenticeships have equivalent educational qualifications and take one to five years to complete depending on the level.


  • Level 2 - equivalent to GCSE's.

This can take 15 months and if you don't have GCSEs in English and maths, you'll usually be required to take a functional skills in these subjects.


  • Level 3 - equivalent to 2 A-levels

Typically apprenticeship at levels 2 and 3 take approximately 15 months and you will also need to have two or more GCSE's (or the equivalent), grades A - C. If you haven't attained this level you will complete the functional skills alongside the apprenticeship. (Find out how to get a replacement exam certificate via Gov.UK).


A higher apprenticeship is a great alternative to university, as it enables you to gain valuable on-the-job experience and a work-based degree while earning, so you can avoid incurring student loan debts. It is for individuals of all ages who are not in full time education. You can undertake this apprenticeship even if you have a degree already, as long as the apprenticeship is in a different specialist subject.

  • Level 4 and 5 - equivalent to a higher education certificate/diploma or a foundation degree
  • Level 6 - equivalent to a bachelor degree

Typically apprenticeship at the higher levels can take between 14 - 36 months. You will generally be required to have English and maths prior to commencing a degree, but some degrees allow you to do the functional skills alongside the degree if you are able to demonstrate you are working at the required level. (Find out how to get a replacement exam certificate via

Assessment and support

A training provider will guide you through your qualification, and provide you with a skills coach who will help you plan tasks and projects to complete your qualification, and mark the work that you do.

You will work closely alongside a colleague/mentor who will support your personal development. You will also be allocated a buddy to help you.

Much of your learning will be in the workplace, where you will work shadow colleagues and acquire the practical skills, knowledge, behaviours and understanding needed in a busy working environment. Most apprenticeships offer a blended learning approach comprising workshops, distance learning and one to one delivery. This all depends on the apprenticeship you apply for.