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4 Things You May Not Know About County Hall

We have dungeons!

Ok, not dungeons. County Hall used to be a functioning court house, and tucked below the old Court Chamber, you can find the police cells used to hold the accused. These have been out of commission since the Crown Court was built further up Penrhyn Road, but visiting them now in the basement of the building is still a somewhat chilling experience.

You can get married here!

If you work here, you may not see the appeal of walking down the aisle at your workplace, but many couples would disagree with you! Whilst your own office might not be the fanciest, County Hall has a whole host of elegant and grand rooms that are perfect for formal ceremonies, as well as courtyards that provide wonderful opportunities for photographs. Better yet, if you're an SCC employee you even benefit from a discount! If not, you can still learn more about our wedding services.

It's so much bigger than it used to be

For a building that's 125 years old, County Hall looks pretty good for its age. That's probably, in part, due to the fact that large parts of the building aren't quite that old. Since its opening in 1893, County Hall has been extended 4 times, and that doesn't include the rebuilding of the Ashcombe Suite, which was destroyed by a bomb during the Second World War. Chances are, if you're in County Hall, you're not standing in one of the very old parts, but as the whole building is Grade II listed, we ensure we continue to take care of it.


Every so often, those of us who spend a lot of time at County Hall are graced with the presence of a celebrity or two. Last year, Hugh Grant spent a few weeks here, and a whole host of other stars have been within these walls. County Hall, as it turns out, is a photogenic building, and its old courtroom seems to be irresistible to filmmakers, having been the background for as diverse a group of shows as Downton Abbey and Eastenders. Keep updated with what's being filmed across County Hall and other areas of Surrey through Surrey's Film Office.

If you would like to work in one of our grandest buildings then keep up-to-date with our job vacancies.

  • Updated: 01 Apr 2019