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Transition to teaching programme

Coronavirus update

Subject to the ongoing situation, it's essential that we continue recruiting safely. Therefore, interviews and communication will be virtual wherever possible and this will be communicated to you directly by the hiring manager.

Please also expect that advert closing dates and interview dates may change as required. We still continue to welcome applications for our current roles and wish you the best of luck with your application.

We would welcome applications especially for our most critical roles to ensure we're supporting our residents

As you may be aware, teaching has changed. It has never been a more popular career choice for top graduates. Bursaries of up to £20,000 are available for training. Salary rates in teaching are extremely competitive and progression to management positions can be rapid. Reflecting this, the proportion of new trainees with a 2:1 degree or better has now reached 71%, which is a record high. We now recruit gifted people from a wide range of backgrounds and at all stages in their lives and careers. People who are considering changing their careers are particularly valued for the experience they bring to teaching of life outside the classroom.

New opportunities we now offer, which are designed to appeal particularly to people changing career, include:

  • Apply now for School Direct – the new way to get into teaching which is already attracting some of the top graduates in the country.
  • School Direct places are available to start this year, search for vacancies at
  • If you are looking for teacher training with the expectation of a job once you qualify based in some of the country's best schools, School Direct is the route for you.
  • School Direct combines the best of university high-quality training with being in school from day one.
  • Train together with other top graduates in a school or partnership of schools, gaining the skills you need to teach.
  • With the School Direct Training programme, you could receive a bursary of up to £20,000 if you want to teach (eg Maths, physics, chemistry etc)
  • School Direct courses lead to qualified teacher status (QTS). Many, though not all, will also award you a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) from a higher education institution.

School Direct Training programme (salaried): a new scheme just for career changers, which pays a salary while people train in the classroom. Details are at School Direct. Scholarships for training in chemistry, physics and computer science. Details are at Scholarship Funding.

An enhanced range of support services for talented people interested in teaching so they can navigate their way into top quality training, called Premier Plus, details are at Premier Plus. A particularly valued service within the Premier Plus package are our Recruitment Advisers who include specialists qualified to advise people thinking of changing careers.

Regional and local events where people can find out about teaching opportunities where they live. Details are at Get into Teaching Events.

If you would like discuss the opportunities above, please contact the Teaching Information Line on 0800 389 5335 or visit