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Children, Families and Learning - Service Manager recruitment

Welcome to Surrey's Service Manager recruitment page for Children, Families and Learning. With change and transformation at the forefront of our agenda, it is now more important than ever that we recruit the right people for our roles. We're looking for leaders who are innovative and forward thinking and we invite you to read more about our Service Manager opportunities below.

Dave Hill - Executive Director of Children, Families and Learning

Surrey Children's Services is on a rapid change journey, with new management, innovative approaches and considerable energy. We have made a great start, but are looking for new Service Managers to join us in transforming our services. We are determined that children, young people and their families will be at the centre of all we do. We are changing our model of work to one which supports excellent children's services, with Family Resilience - early help and prevention, at the heart of our journey. Family Safeguarding, an innovative and highly effective approach, developed in Hertfordshire will be central to our new model.

Supporting all of our front line workers across social work, SEN and other services, to have reflective, thoughtful and supportive leadership and management is critical to our journey. We believe that it will be the practice and culture of our managers and workers that will deliver great outcomes for our children and their families.

We have taken feedback from Ofsted inspections seriously, but it will be knowing ourselves well and a journey for 'our' children that will get us to be a top performing children's service. These Service Manager roles will work as a critical part of the improvement journey, we are looking for individuals who can deliver at the highest level and also be part of a strong and supportive team.

Our Service Manager opportunities: