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Our Services, Teams & Offices: Community Protection Transport & Environment

Environment Service

Our Environment Service maintain and improve the countryside and works within the Surrey Environment Partnership to carry out planning regulatory and waste management function.

The Service work with our partners to ensure sustainable development, the maintenance and improvement of the countryside; and continue to manage Surrey's waste in the best, most cost effective way.

The Service comprises of three groups:

  • Environment Commissioning Group
  • Environment Delivery Group
  • Planning Group

Environment Delivery Group

The Environment Delivery Group is responsible for managing the delivery of outcomes across Waste and Countryside functions within Surrey including contract management all aspects of key service delivery across with our partners. Responsibilities for the group also include:

  • Improvement of landscape within Surrey for its biodiversity, cultural and economic value
  • Maintenance of the public rights of way network
  • Provide more sustainable means of travel
  • Provide access to open spaces for recreation and health and well-being activities for residents

Their main offices are based in Merrow Complex, Guildford and Consort House, Redhill.

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Environment Commissioning Group

Environment Commissioning focuses and is responsible for commissioning outcomes through:

  • Defining environment priorities
  • Service performance measures
  • Working with partner organisations to achieve service specifications
  • Lead on directorate key environmental policies such as waste, countryside, air quality and special projects

Their main offices are based in Merrow Complex, Guildford and Consort House, Redhill.

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Trading Standards Service

The Trading Standards Service is provided in partnership with Buckinghamshire under the 'Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards service' and;

  • Protects individuals, communities and businesses from harm and financial loss
  • Helps businesses thrive by maintaining a Fair Trading environment
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of people and communities
  • Fulfil statutory responsibilities to deliver consumer and public protection services across Buckinghamshire and Surrey
  • acts as the regulatory enforcement partner for TrustMark (the Government endorsed quality scheme for home improvement and building work.)
  • Acts as the legal backstop for the Advertising Standards Authority

Their main offices are based in Consort House, Redhill. and Aylesbury (Buckinghamshire)

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Community Protection & Emergencies Service

The Community Protection and Emergencies consists of the Surrey Fire & Rescue Service and the Emergency Management Team who are here to keep communities safe in emergencies, such as fire and flood. It also has a critical role to play in working with communities to prevent bad things from happening in the first place. Its main focus is on the following activities:

  • Prevention: Preventing fires and incidents from occurring in the first place
  • Protection: Regulating business conformity to fire safety legislation to ensure people, properties and the environment are as well protected as possible
  • Response: Ensuring the service is in the right place to respond when needed, as efficiently and effectively as possible, maximising the preservation of life, property and the environment
  • Emergency planning: working to ensure that if a serious incident happens in the county, the people of Surrey are prepared and essential services are restored as quickly as possible and that plans for preventing and preparing for incidents, are ready when needed

Their main offices are based in Wray Park and County Hall, Kingston-upon-Thames

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