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What makes a great Children's Social Worker

Coronavirus update

Subject to the ongoing situation, it's essential that we continue recruiting safely. Therefore, interviews and communication will be virtual wherever possible and this will be communicated to you directly by the hiring manager.

Please also expect that advert closing dates and interview dates may change as required. We still continue to welcome applications for our current roles and wish you the best of luck with your application.

We would welcome applications especially for our most critical roles to ensure we're supporting our residents

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Children and young people share their views

What is the role of a Social Worker?

  • Provide us with information about what is happening to us and the legal system we are in.
  • Tell us what our options are.
  • Tell us what our rights are.
  • Tell us when and how often we can see our family and friends.
  • Show and tell us where we can get advice about housing, benefits, jobs and where we can get help to live independently
  • Help us manage our emotions.
  • Show us where to get help to learn how to cook, how to budget my money, where to get health advice and where to go when we get stuck or feel lost.

What personality traits should they have?

  • Kind
  • Dependable
  • Diverse
  • Honest
  • Open

How they can make a difference?

  • They can make the most difference because a social worker can be with us from beginning to end, although our actual social worker may change.
  • They can help us to move placements, find a job, support us at school and be an advocate for us.

What they should think about when working us?

  • Not all children and young people are the same.
  • They should think about how to get our voice heard and in the way we would like.
  • Listening and trying to think of alternatives for us.

What is a good level of contact from a Social Worker?

  • As much as we need and want.
  • Best to communicate with us and see what is best for us within reason.

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Top 10 things Social Workers must do

  1. Believe in us - Believe in us always and help us to achieve our hopes and dreams.
  2. Be on time and reliable - Turn up when you say you will. Keep us updated with phone calls or messages and always return our calls when we get in touch. If you promise something, make sure you keep it. Let us know and remind us when you are coming, we have lives too.
  3. Have an open and curious mind - Ask us questions and talk to us about what we need. Look for creative ways to support us and get to know us, believe what we tell you.
  4. Have time for us - The quality of the visit is more important than how long the visit is - Not everyone wants to sit and talk for an hour. Sometime we want to do an activity while we talk, the review does not count as a visit.
  5. Be honest -Tell us why we are in care. Always tells us the truth and have honest conversations with us.
  6. Documents for life - Always check to see if we have a passport and a birth certificate. Always clarify a child or young person's status. If this can't be done, make sure you tell us the reason why.
  7. Help us keep in contact - Help us to keep in touch with family and extended family. We also want help with keeping in touch with extended family members. Support us to make contact as good as possible. If there is a reason why we can't have contact explain it, do not just say no.
  8. Listen to us - Our views are important and it is important to listen to us and hear what we are saying.
  9. Let us know what we are entitled to - Tell us what we are entitled to and remind us of this as we get older. We may not want to know when we are younger.
  10. Treat us like individuals - We are all different and you need to get to know us to find out how we work and what we need. Take the time to get to know us as individuals.

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