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Our vision: Children's Services


This is a great time to join Surrey. We are creating an environment where talent is nurtured and people are supported to be the best they can be.

Our work with partners is ensuring that the child is at the centre of everything we do, and we are looking for social workers and social work managers who can help us make a real difference by driving forward the transformation of our services.

Julie Fisher
Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Children’s Services

Our vision

We are determined to focus our efforts and resources where they matter most, moving with purpose and pace to deliver the services our residents deserve.

Surrey is one of the most prosperous and economically competitive parts of Great Britain to grow up in. There are approximately 246,600 children and young people aged 0 to 18 in the county and we want to ensure that they are all able to take advantage of the benefits of living here. This includes having good health, being safe, well-educated and having leisure opportunities at each stage of their childhood and having good employment prospects.

For most children and young people, Surrey is a good place to grow up – the economy is doing well and many households benefit from higher than average socio-economic circumstances, but for some it is not. Deprivation exists in Surrey and there are groups of children and young people who experience poorer outcomes.

Around 10% of children and young people live in poverty, with pockets of poverty often close to the most affluent areas. Surrey’s population of children and young people is growing, with increasing demands being put on public services.  For example, 16,000 additional school places will be required in Surrey by 2018.

Against this backdrop of broader societal change, we recognise the need to adapt to a new context where there is a dramatic and sustained increase in public service demand whilst dealing with significant financial pressures. We are passionate about ensuring better service outcomes for children and young people and, within a challenging financial environment, this requires ambition, inspiration and resilience.

To help us meet that challenge we’re moving away from the normal deficit model of social work, towards a strength-based approach. Our ‘Safer Surrey’ approach will help us deliver better services for children and young people by working together with families and our partners.

The safety and welfare of children is why we all do what we do. This is our year of practice and as a service we are dedicated to delivering improvements and change. Safer Surrey is one of many steps we are taking as an organisation to improve children’s lives and help us achieve our vision that:

“Children and young people are happy, healthy, safe and confident in their future.”

Watch our video to find out more about Safer Surrey