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Children's social work

Search for our vacancies

Find out about job vacancies within Children's social work. Apply or register your interest to become a Social Worker.

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What makes a great Social Worker

Children and young people share their views of what makes a great Social Worker and their top 10 things they must do.

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Becoming a Children's Social Worker

Find out what qualifications and experience you need to become a Children's Social Worker and the recruitment process.

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Our roles

Learn about the benefits of working for Surrey, find out about the job roles and apply.

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Our teams and offices

Find out where our offices are and which teams they accommodate.

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Our vision

Dave Hill, The Executive Director of Children, Schools, Families, Learning and Culture and other service leaders, outline their vision for transforming the services they provide

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Your development

How we'll invest in you, support you, and help you become the best you can be.

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Surrey Children's Services Academy

Working in partnership to recruit, develop and retain a workforce, giving the best care and support to children, young people and families in Surrey.

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