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I am permanently being redeployed on medical grounds

What are my responsibilities?

Surrey County Council will make every effort to help you find alternative work. And you have a responsibility to help that happen too.

How do I become eligible for redeployment support?

Following a recommendation from Occupational Health, your line manager must confirm to the HR Adviser supporting them that you are eligible for medical redeployment. The HR Adviser will then arrange for your details to be added to the redeployment register, and the Redeployment team will advise you on redeployment support.

Redeployment support

Take time to read the support that is available and how you might make the best use of it. These pages will help you understand the redeployment process, support available, and how to access it, as well as useful information to help you find another role within or outside the council.

Redeployment programme

Coaching sessions with an external coach

1:1 coaching sessions

  • You can have up to three 1.5 hour confidential 1:1 coaching sessions with an external coach who can support you on a range of topics from dealing with pre interview anxiety to setting up your own business or starting a new career.
  • The sessions can be held anytime from the date you are offered redeployment support (as long as you have not secured other employment).
  • If you would like to arrange these sessions, please e-mail with your contact details, and someone from the coaching team will contact you directly to arrange your first session.

Redeployment resources

You can set yourself up to receive job alerts about our internal vacancies and you can do the same for any other websites that advertise the kind of job you are interested in.

Your e-mail offering redeployment support will have a password and log in details to log into the redeployment jobs portal and you can create job alerts to receive exclusive notification of internal vacancies.

Look regularly at internal vacancies

You should make every effort to look at internal vacancies regularly to find and apply for all suitable redeployment opportunities.

You need to be flexible in considering redeployment opportunities and not to unreasonably disregard suitable opportunities or reject a suitable job offer.

Practice completing an online application form. You are able to save it and amend it at a later date. This way, when you see a post you want to apply for, you will have everything ready to tailor to the specific role, and apply.

Internal recruitment

Accepting a new role

You need to keep your manager up to date with any positions you apply for and let them know as soon as you are offered a position, both internally and externally.

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