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Peter and Luis - Recruitment Team Apprentices

Coronavirus update

Subject to the ongoing situation, it's essential that we continue recruiting safely. Therefore, interviews and communication will be virtual wherever possible and this will be communicated to you directly by the hiring manager.

Please also expect that advert closing dates and interview dates may change as required. We still continue to welcome applications for our current roles and wish you the best of luck with your application.

We would welcome applications especially for our most critical roles to ensure we're supporting our residents

My name is Peter and I'm a Recruitment Administrator and used to be an apprentice with in the Recruitment Team.

I'm Luis and I'm a Pension Administrator and I used to be a apprentice in the Recruitment Team.

What made you become an apprentice?

Peter: I chose to do an apprenticeship as going to university wasn't for me. Doing the apprenticeship allowed me to work in a business environment and also be able to get a qualification at the same time.

Luis: Often apprenticeships are overlooked by many of us, of those who probably want to go to university instead. I find doing an apprenticeship is a way to earn and learn at the same time and obviously get a qualification.

What was your apprenticeship like?

Peter: During my time as an apprentice I was able to shadow other teams, work on a virtual tour of our offices and I also worked on charity events which allowed me to be able to network with other people within the council.

Luis: During my experience as an apprentice I felt supported by the opportunities I was provided with. I participated in Bussiness Operations exchange event, shadowing other teams and senior recruitment officers. This helped me develop skills such as improving my confidence in the work place.

What are you doing now?

Luis: Having finished my apprenticeship, I now have a permanent position within the Pension Team. I'd like to continue to develop and learn new skills and have a long term future at Surrey County Council.

Peter: I was able to secure a permanent role in the Recruitment Team. My apprenticeship allowed me to gain transferable skills, such as time management when juggling my workload and coursework.

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