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Hiring manager guidance

What are my responsibilities as a hiring manager?

You must ensure that the following employees are given priority in the selection process:

  • Going through a consultation process and their post is at risk of redundancy
  • Received notice of redundancy
  • Under contractual notice
  • Being redeployed on medical grounds

You should assess the application form straight away against the minimum essential criteria of the post.

If the employee meets the minimum essential criteria, you must offer them an interview.

You should arrange the interview to take place as soon as possible.

Having determined the criteria of appointability, you should apply your selection process just as you would for any other recruitment campaign.

Where the redeployee meets the standard for appointability, and the job is on the same or lower grade, you must offer them the job in preference to non-vulnerable or external candidates. Please ensure that the order of priority for appointment is followed.

If the applicant has applied for a post at a higher grade to their current post

If the role is on a higher grade, the employee will still be guaranteed an interview if they meet the minimum essential criteria. However, they will be interviewed competitively against all other applicants and you should appoint the highest scoring person resulting from the selection process (as this is a promotion).

What if the applicant is not successful at the shortlist or interview stages?

  • If you do not shortlist for interview, or offer a position to a vulnerable employee you must be able to evidence your decision. As an organisation, we have an obligation to retain staff and reduce the need for redundancies.
  • Remember, individuals should be offered feedback about not being short-listed or not being successful at interview. Make sure your decisions are fair, objective, non-discriminatory and properly recorded.

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