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European Youth Experience

Planning and cultural programmes for young people

The Youth Development Service have launched EYE SPI - a series of packs enabling young people to plan their exploration of some of Europe's most famous cities - Brighton, London and Paris.

"Getting To Know", a series of planning and cultural programmes for young people, are designed to encourage a wide range of young people to plan a positive activity, gain new experiences and explore what makes these cities unique. They also enable young people to have their own achievements recognised and celebrated.

We want as many young people, youth and community organisations and schools as possible to take advantage of these fantastic, free and easy to use tools. They can be used by schools, summer groups, youth groups, families, friends…anyone!

These packs offer young people the chance to visit cities they may never have been to before, promote a better understanding of local architecture, culture and lifestyle across a range of very different cities. The varied accomplishments and understandings can be applied to lots of situations that will be encountered in other parts of their lives. They also offer young people the opportunity to work with others to complete a project and gain formal recognition for their participation.

The resources will be available soon to download so you can get exploring!

Find out more by reading the poster below.

Files available to download