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Surrey Record Society

Surrey Record Society exists to publish records relating to the historic county of Surrey, which includes the parishes of South London as far east as Rotherhithe. Since its foundation in 1913 it has published transcripts, translations and abstracts of texts ranging in date from the twelfth to the nineteenth century, and in subject from central, county and municipal government to ecclesiastical, manorial, industrial and military history. Each text is provided with a full general introduction and with indexes. Manuscript sources (often difficult to decipher) held in repositories in and outside the county have thus been made more readily available and comprehensible to students of Surrey history and genealogy and also to students of various aspects of national history. If the Society's work is to continue, it needs the support of all those individuals, local societies and institutions who benefit from its publications.


Individuals and institutions alike are eligible for membership at an annual subscription of £5. Members receive a copy of any volume published in a year for which they have paid a subscription and can buy back numbers of other volumes at greatly reduced prices. Some older volumes are now available FREE OF CHARGE apart from the cost of postage and packing. There may be years in which no volume is produced.

Contact the Hon Secretary SRS, c/o Surrey History Centre, 130 Goldsworth Road, Woking GU21 6ND. Tel: 01483 518737. Email:

What's new from Surrey Record Society  

Royal justice in SurreyVol XLV Royal Justice in Surrey, 1258-1269 ed. Susan Stewart, 2013

Free to members. Price to non-members £25. Postage and packing £2.50

The Eyre 'de terris datis' of 1268 was established in order to restore peace and rehabilitate those who had been implicated in the political disorder which had convulsed England up to and beyond Simon de Montfort's defeat at Evesham in 1265. The record of this eyre along with the Forest Regard Roll of c.1258 and the Forest Eyre roll of 1269 complement and extend the insights into the history of Surrey in the later years of Henry III provided by the Society's recent publications of 'The 1258-9 Special Eyre of Surrey and Kent' and 'The 1263 Surrey Eyre'. They throw considerable light on life in Surrey in an age of political tension and turmoil.

In each case a transcription of the Latin of the original document is followed by a full English translation.