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We're acting on your local area feedback

Customer Service Excellence logoIn 2015, your feedback helped our team achieve customer service excellence accreditation and we're delighted that this has been confirmed again in 2016. This means you’ve helped us work better for you and those around you. But we’re not stopping there. Our new Customer Promise (PDF) lays out what we will do for you, and we’ve already started to make some changes for the better.

Your feedback May 2015 to June 2016

  • 93% of people who came to a local committee meeting and filled in our survey (27 people) told us the meeting was clear and easy to understand, and 100% said the meeting was welcoming. 96% said the meeting was interesting, and that it was held in a suitable location.
  • 89% of people who applied for Members' Allocations funding and filled in our survey (98 people) told us they were satisfied with the speed in which their application was processed. 84% said the application form was easy to complete. 89% were satisfied with the communication they received whilst applying for Members' Allocations funding.
  • Of the applicants for funding through the Community Improvements Fund, 7 people filled in our survey. We're going to encourage a higher number of applicants to give feedback this time around. All 7 applicants told us the application form was easy to complete, and 86% were satisfied with the speed at which their application was processed.

Local and Joint Committees

  • It’s now easier for you to ask questions and join in with your Local Committees.
  • We’re introducing a screen at the Local Committee to help you to follow its progress.
  • We are trialling live tweeting from some meetings so you can see what’s happening wherever you are.
  • We have developed a decision tracker sheet so you can check how the issues you’ve raised or are interested in are progressing.
  • We’re highlighting key topics of discussion in the News section of your local area’s web page, so that everyone stays informed.
  • You can now give us feedback on a meeting you’ve attended. Simply contact your local officer, or complete our survey.
  • In 2015, we also spent some timing talking to a number of people who had attended a local committee meeting to get more in-depth feedback. You can find out about the issues people told us about, and our response to them, in the document below. 


Files available to download