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Windlesham to become hedgehog friendly

Windlesham village hopes to tackle declining numbers of the spiky friends by becoming the county's first 'hedgehog friendly village'.

It comes as part of the official Hedgehog Awareness Week (April 30 - May 6) which aims to highlight the problems hedgehogs face and how we can help them.

Anne Brummer, founder of Surrey's Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, says: "Our spiky friends are in trouble, and they need our help".

"It is time to take action and that is exactly what Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue is doing. We are about to make our home village of Windlesham the first hedgehog friendly village in Surrey."

Hedgehog Since the 1960s hedgehog numbers have reduced from around 35 million to less than one million.

Last year, Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue launched it's Amazing Grace campaign named after a rescue hedgehog who came to the centre orphaned and suffering from a deep cut to her neck.

Luckily 'Grace' soon responded to the treatment and care but did not weigh enough to survive hibernation,

It was decided that she would 'over-winter' at the rescue centre before being released back to the wild.

Whilst there, Grace became the star of a series of videos to highlight the threats and dangers hedgehogs face everyday in our modern world.