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Planning enforcement of minerals and waste

The Planning Division within the Environment Service deals with planning matters regarding the extraction of minerals (sand, gravel, clay, chalk and oil), the disposal, storage and processing of waste and the raising of the levels of land through the deposit of waste materials.

Our enforcement team consists of four officers, who monitor the progress of development permitted by the County Council and seek to control unauthorised mineral and waste related development.

Enquiries/complaints regarding sites with planning permission issued by Surrey County Council

Breaches of planning control should be reported as soon as possible to the enforcement staff. This will allow us to investigate and remedy the problem without delay. Your complaints concerning permitted sites and unauthorised activity will be investigated and you will receive a response explaining what, if any action has or will be taken. Enforcement action may be taken where expedient to remedy a breach of planning control. These FAQs on monitoring and enforcing should help explain how we decide what to do when we receive an enquiry or complaint about minerals or waste development.

In order to deal with your concerns as effectively as possible, please provide us with the following information:

a) your name and contact details, telephone, email or postal address.
b) the name or location of the site and the operating company, if possible.
c) a description of the nature of the complaint/enquiry.
d) the date and time of your communication.

Please note:

  • Anonymous complaints will be investigated but will not be treated as priority.
  • Complainants will be treated confidentially as far as practicable.

Who to contact

Enforcement Officers:

Ian Gray
Principal Planning Enforcement Officer

Paul Warner
Senior Planning Enforcement Officer

James Nolan
Monitoring Officer

Karen Jackson
Monitoring Officer


Tel: 03456 009 009

Fax: 020 8541 9399

Or you can use the Planning Enforcement Enquiry/Complaint Report

Or write to us at:

Enforcement & Monitoring Team
Planning & Development Control
Planning & Development Group
Surrey County Council
Room 391
County Hall
Penrhyn Road
Kingston upon Thames

Fly tipping

Fly tipping: unauthorised or illegal tipping is not dealt with by planning enforcement officers. To find out who to contact see our Fly tipping page.