A cultural diversity bibliography

The books and periodicals listed below give a flavour of the library collection at Surrey History Centre. Other books can be found by searching the Surrey Libraries Catalogue.


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  • Laver, Ann. Sugar, slaves and Surrey, dissertation, 2001.
  • Visram, Rozina. Asians in Britain: 400 years of history, Pluto, 2002.
  • Gill, Anton. Empire's children: trace your family history across the World, Harper, 2007.
  • Islamic Society of Britain. 1000 years of Islam in Britain, 2005.
  • Islamic Society of Britain. Muslims in Britain, 2006.
  • Ansari, H. The Infidel within: the history of Muslims in Britain, 2002.


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  • Wenzerul, Rosemary. A Guide to Jewish Genealogy in the United Kingdom, Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain, 2006.
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  • Dawson, Robert. Gypsy names for Genealogists, vol 1: Surnames, and vol 2: Forenames, Robert Dawson, 2000.
  • McGowan, Alan. On the Gypsy trail: sources for the family history of Gypsies, Romany and Traveller Family History Society, 1998.
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  • The Vietnamese community in Woking, Maybury Centre Newsletter, 2002.
  • A hidden history: the Chattri and the Muslim Burial Ground, Woking Galleries, 2004.
  • Khulusi, S.A. Islam our choice, The Woking Muslim Mission and Literary Trust, 1961.
  • Eid Sermons at the Shah Jehan Mosque, Woking, England 1931-1940, Nasir Ahmad, Aftab-ud-din, 2002. (Useful chapters on the early history of the mosque.)
  • Leitner, Gottlieb Wilhelm. Writings of Dr. Leitner, complied by M Ikram Chaghatai, Sang-e-Meel Publications, 2002. (Chapters on Oriental Education including the Oriental Institute, Woking.)
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  • McGowan, Alan. The Winchester confessions 1615-1616, Romany and Traveller Family History Society, 1996.
  • The relief of Irish Protestant rolls: Surrey 1642, transcribed by Cliff Webb, East and West Surrey Family History Societies, 1988. Microfiche.
  • Perri, Gabriella. Italian Immigration, the Anglo-Italian community in Woking, dissertation, 2001.
  • Grannum, Guy. Tracing your West Indian ancestors, PRO, 2002.
  • Crooks, Paul. A Tree without roots: the guide to tracing British, African and Asian Caribbean ancestry, 2008.


  • Equiano, Olaudah. The interesting narrative and other writings, edited by V. Carretta, Penguin, 2003.
  • Reeve, Dominic. Smoke in the Lanes, 2003, and No place like home, 1960.


  • General family history periodicals may be of use to the researcher into the history of cultural diversity in Britain. Some of these are held at Surrey History Centre including:
  • Ancestors (Surrey History Centre holds April/May 2001 to date.)
  • Issue 10, October/November 2002 contains an article on 'Tracing African slave ancestors' by Paul Crooks.
  • Practical Family History (Surrey History Centre holds 1998 to date.)
  • Romany Routes: Journal of the Romany and Traveller Family History Society (Surrey History Centre holds March 2000 vol 4 no 6 to date).
  • Local history society periodicals may also contain useful articles such as:
  • Royds, John. 'Examinations of Irish people in Eighteenth Century Surrey' in Surrey History, Vol 5 no 3, 1996.
  • 'Black people in 17th and 18th Century Putney' in Wandsworth Historian, issue 42, September 1984.