Vision and action plan for the Basingstoke Canal

The Vision for the Basingstoke Canal is to create a thriving natural environment for wildlife and public enjoyment and a vibrant recreation and heritage resource. Central to the Vision is to create a navigable waterway serving the public. The Vision seeks to unlock the potential economic contribution of the canal and its corridor and also to become a focal point for increased community and volunteer involvement and use. The ambition is to become a well loved, distinctive and well known destination for an extended market including day visitors and tourists to discover and enjoy its peaceful setting and unique character.

Surrey and Hampshire County Councils jointly commissioned work from Planning Solutions Consulting to produce a vision for the Basingstoke Canal. The Vision forms the basis for a new business plan and subsequent investment in the canal. Following a period of consultation the Vision was agreed by the Basingstoke Canal Joint Management Committee in October 2012.

Further information about the Vision, Action Plan and Technical Report is available to view on the Basingstoke Canal website.