Woking Local Nature Reserves

Maps and locations are available on the GOV.UK website or the Surrey Interactive Map.

There are two local nature reserves managed by Woking Borough Council, which both border the Hoe Stream.

  1. Mayford Meadows has benefitted from wetland management to encourage the establishment of a rich, wet grassland flora and numerous trees have been coppiced and pollarded in order to enhance its biodiversity interest and provide a suitable habitat for the rare water vole.
  2. White Rose Lane Local Nature Reserve is a site of damp alder woodland, within which a number of voluntary groups have carried out scrub clearance and removal of the highly invasive alien Himalayan Balsam. If left uncontrolled this plant would spread rapidly across the site overshadowing and outcompeting native species. Wildlife observed within the site includes owl, bats, deer, frogs and various species of rare fungi.