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Basingstoke Canal campaign 'share the space, drop your pace'

This campaign is based upon an initiative by the Canal and Rivers Trust intended to promote better shared use of towpaths. Although different user groups have access to the towpath, pedestrians have right of way. It's about ensuring everyone slows down and shows consideration to other users.

The Basingstoke Canal Authority will launch its own 'share the space, drop your pace' campaign through Woking town centre during May 2015, comprising a 6 point Greenway Code for Towpaths. Following this launch, it is hoped the campaign will be repeated at other popular locations along the canal.

Greenway Code for Towpaths

  • pedestrians have priority
  • be courteous to others; be careful and slow down
  • keep dogs under control and clean up after them
  • cyclists and runners give way to pedestrians
  • all cyclists to dismount and give way at bridges
  • pat attention and don't block the towpath

The project has been funded by £22,000 from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and will also include a package of new Map information panels and directional signage through the Woking area of the canal, as well as new safety signs going up on bridges.