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Leatherhead Riverside Walk

Leathrhead Riverside Walk mapPath most suitable for people using electric wheelchairs or scooters. There are however, many sections of the path which can be navigated with a manual wheelchair - either solo or with assistance.

The route follows the River Mole which runs from its source near Gatwick to the Thames at Molesey. The booklet is a guide to the Leatherhead section and describes two linked walking routes. The route from Leatherhead Leisure Centre on the Western side of the river is the most accessible section.

  • toilets/accessible
  • parking/blue badge
  • refreshments at Leatherhead Leisure Centre
  • seats
  • unsurfaced path
  • surfaced path
  • grassland
  • river

Booklet available from: Mole Valley District Council
Surrey RH4 1SJ

Tel: 01306 885001

  • Updated: 25 Sep 2015