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Improvements to Newlands Corner

Newlands Corner provides one of the best views from the North Downs in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and is an attractive site in its own right. It has been well used as a stop off point for refreshments and a start for walking, horse riding and cycling for decades. Surrey County Council (SCC) negotiated an Access Agreement over the site with the landowners, the Albury Estate, in the 1970s to provide public access to the site and install visitor facilities such as the toilets and car park. The site is now managed by Surrey Wildlife Trust on behalf of SCC, as part of Surrey's Countryside Estate. These three parties are now working together to improve the outdated facilities and make sure people of all ages and abilities can enjoy spending time at Newlands Corner.

Cllr Mike Goodman, Cabinet Member for Environment and Planning says: 'As many of you are aware, the county council has been exploring ways to ensure the long term sustainable funding of Newlands Corner, along with ways to improve the site to make it more accessible and attractive to people of all ages and abilities. This could be, for example, young children still in buggies, disabled people, through to older people – some with long term conditions such as dementia. We believe the countryside should be open to and shared by all, not least because it contributes to wellbeing in such a beneficial way.'

Summer 2019 update

What you will see happening is:

  • Refurbished and redecorated toilets - the toilets at Newlands are well below standard and keep breaking down. Some work has been done already and more work is planned later in 2019
  • Improvements being made to public signage and the car park surface
  • Car parking charges have been introduced at Newlands Corner from July 2018

There will be a new Newlands Corner site management plan in existence later in 2019. As part of this, there will be plans to open up some of the views currently overgrown and enhance the open downland below the car park. More information on this work will be posted on the site notice boards.

Implementation of parking charges

Car parking charges will help Surrey County Council cover the cost of looking after Newlands Corner and other countryside in Surrey. The council is facing higher than ever demand for services while receiving much less money. Parking charges will help make sure visitors still get the facilities and well-maintained countryside they value and love. Revenue received will be ring-fenced to be spent on the countryside and provide continued public access.

For more information on where the income from charging will go as well as details on how to apply for an annual pass, please see our new parking charges for countryside sites page. Alternatively go directly to the District Enforcement website.

Multi-user trail

A multi-user trail exists behind the Visitor Centre and has been there for many years. External grant funding will be sought to improve the signage and surface on the trail in the near future.

Visitor centre

Out of all the feedback received from the public consultation in 2017, the majority focused on the prospect of having a new visitor centre. The original plan was to bring all the visitor facilities, including the cafe and an education room together in one building, which would provide the indoor seating that's needed. In view of public feedback, we won't be considering any other proposals for the time being.

Anything new would not only be subject to all the normal planning regulations and consultations, but would be developed in partnership with current and potential users, including families, elderly people and people with disabilities, all of whom we are trying to encourage to come to Newlands Corner by improving the facilities.

Files available to download

  • Newlands Corner Decision Feb 17 (771.3 KB)
    The Planning Inspector’s decision letter granting Surrey County Council consent to install 3 car park machines with associated signage at Newlands Corner
  • Albury Downs Commons map (250.8 KB)
    An extract from the Definitive Map of Common Land in Surrey showing the extent of Registered Common Land at Albury Downs
  • Albury Downs Commons register (543.7 KB)
    An extract from the Register of Common Land in Surrey describing the Registered Common Land at Albury Downs