Bridleway 173 (Capel and Ockley) Temporary Closure Order 2023


Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, Section 14(1)
The Surrey County Council
Public Bridleway 173 (Capel / Ockley)
Temporary Prohibition of Traffic Order 2023

On 28 July 2023, Surrey County Council will make the above-mentioned temporary order, the effect of which is to prohibit all traffic on foot or by any other means from entering or proceeding along Public Bridleway 173 (Ockley) from Upper Oakdale (Grid Reference 515755, 137231) generally east to the Capel parish boundary, and the length of Public Bridleway 173 Capel from the aforementioned parish boundary generally east to Wattlehurst Farm. Private access rights will not be affected by the Order.

The Order is necessary to enable a mains water pipe installation. The closure will be in operation from 31 July 2023 until 1 September 2023 or until works are completed, whichever is sooner. That period can be extended by the Secretary of State for Transport if required.

The temporary closure will only be in operation when appropriate road traffic signs are displayed on site by the County Council or an authorised person acting on its behalf.

Alternative route for pedestrians: from Upper Oakdale proceed generally southwest on Ockley footpath 174 and Warnham footpath 1425. Turn north on Warnham footpath 1425_2 and Capel Footpath 176, then northwest on Capel Footpath 175.

When works take place between points B (Ells Farm) and C (Wattlehurst Farm) on the closure plan, access will be retained for pedestrians only on a 1.5m width. Pedestrian access north onto Capel Footpath 175 will be retained at all times.

There is no suggested alternative route on horseback or for cyclists.

The Surrey County Council Public Bridleway 173 (Capel / Ockley) Temporary Prohibition of Traffic Order 2023 will be made by the County Council under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

Dated: 21 July 2023

Katie Stewart, Director of Environment, Transport & Infrastructure.

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