Alleged footpath between Nethern Court Road and Southfields Road Woldingham

Description and Grid References

Alleged public footpath between Nethern Court Road [TQ 373 558] and Southfields Road [TQ 376 561] Woldingham

Reference number and contact details

CP539 - Telephone: 03456 009 009


Date of application

3 November 2009

Applicants name and address

Sandra O'Brien, Beau Coin House, Southfields Road, Woldingham, CER3 7BQ

John Osborn, Weetwood, Southfields Road, Woldingham, CR3 7EF

Jane Torrence, Hillcroft, Nethern Court Road, Woldingham, CR3 7EF

Consultations and research stage


Officer recommendations

That a Map Modification Order be made to add a public footpath from the junction of Nethern Court Road with Ulstan Close through to Southfields Road, Woldingham to the definitive map and statement for Surrey. The route will be known as public footpath 160 (Woldingham).


On 30 September 2011 Tandridge Local Committee agreed with officer recommendations.

Order making

A Map Modification Order was made on 20th October 2011 and was advertised on 27th October 2011. The order is titled "Surrey County Council Footpath 160 (Woldingham) Definitive Map Modification Order 2011"


Nine objections were received. The Order (and all received evidence and objections) was referred to the Secretary of State for determination on 24 January 2014.

Public Inquiry

A local public inquiry was held to determine this matter on 30 September 2014 for three days at Woldingham Village Hall, Station Road, Woldingham, CR3 7EU at 10am. Please see notice of inquiry below.


The Order was modified by the Secretary of State on 28 October 2014,  which required advertising. Notice of the modified order was posted from 19 November 2014 until 17 December 2014. A copy of the Inspector's report is available for viewing. No objections were received to the modification.


The order was confirmed by the Secretary of State on 10th February 2015 and advertised as such from 11th march 2015. 


Permission with be required from Natural England before works can be undertaken to make this route available due to its status of Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The application form is available to view, download and print by following the link below.