Get active outdoors

Did you know that there's a national target set by the Government for physical activity for all age groups? The good news is that in Surrey we're doing quite well in comparison to other English counties.

  • 60% of Surrey's population is 'active' - achieving 150 minutes of physical activity per week
  • 40% is therefore deemed 'inactive' - doing less than 30 minutes of physical activity per week
  • 637 deaths per year could be prevented if 100% of Surrey's population increased their physical activity

So, there's still more to be done! Public Health Surrey is working in partnership with many organisations to make sure we are in a better position to meet this target year by year, or even exceed it. Browse the Health and Wellbeing Surrey webpages for more information and inspiration to help you get started.

They recognise that access to open countryside plays a key part in meeting this and Explore Surrey is working with them to showcase our wonderful open spaces and encourage all age groups to get out and enjoy their local countryside. Take a look at our Places to Visit for Nature and Wildlife page, which lists parks and local nature reserves close to where you live.

So read on and be inspired to make some changes whatever your age, or wherever you live.

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