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Surrey Dance Collective

Surrey Dance Collective is a group of dance artists living or working in Surrey who aim to support, develop and promote professional dance activity in the county.     

Our objectives include:

  • Providing Continual Professional Development (CPD) opportunities to develop and maintain best practise and high quality dance experiences for professionals, participants and audiences.
  • To create a dance ecology that supports Surrey based dance professionals to achieve excellence through networking, feedback, space, mentoring, profile building, skills sharing and performance projects.
  • To work closely with county and regional partners and agencies as well as each other to maximise opportunities, pool resources and promote The Collective in Surrey, the South East Region and nationally.
  • To work with partners to invite and attract emerging and established companies and artists to the county.

For further information email, or  visit: www.surreydancecollective.comor follow us on facebook and twitter.


Surrey Dance Collective is very pleased to announce that we have been successful in receiving a grant from the Arts Council towards our £30,000 "Articulate" programme. "Articulate" is a 15 month CPD programme that aims to build and expand participants' contemporary dance and choreographic skills through a broad range of activities to enable them to develop, demonstrate and articulate a clear artistic voice. The programme will include professional class, choreographic workshops, scratch performances, three choreographic commissions, portfolio training, mentoring opportunities and artistic voice workshops delivered by South East based producers, outstanding artists and emerging choreographers.  For more information go to

'Scratch Night'

Surrey Dance Collective sold out for their first Scratch Performance before the Ballet Boyz show at G Live on 26 February 2013. Five acts were chosen to perform and receive feedback from the audience as well as a piece made by Heidi Rustgaard on Collective members during a one-week residency at Surrey Arts. The night went really well and Surrey Dance Collective hope to be back with more scratch performances in the Summer!
You can watch excerpts from the night on the SDC youtube channel:

Investing the Choreographic Process - Gary Clarke

Surrey Dance Collective had the opportunity to work as a dance with Gary Clarke through a one-week residency. This was a chance to explore a choreographers' artistic voice and artistic practice in detail.

'The Soundtrack to Our Lives' is a piece of live experimental dance work that takes an up close and personal look at humanity, personality and what makes us the people we are. With the use of movement and gesture, voice and visual art, the work will be an intricate landscape of personal portraits that beautifully collide, intimately co-inside, accidentally clash and rub up against each other.

Files available to download