Surrey's Vision for Learning in 2020

This page explains what Surrey's Vision for Learning in 2020 is, why it is needed and how it was created. You will also be able to download your own electronic copy of the official vision document on this page.

What is the Vision?

The Vision for Learning in Surrey is one that values confidence, care, creativity and collaboration, enabling all children and young people to contribute and achieve more than they thought possible.

The vision sets out what outcomes are expected within four themes. These themes are summarised below.

  • Learning and Achievement – children and young people develop a well-rounded set of life skills, will be entitled to a personalised learning programme and will learn in an array of styles and settings
  • Inclusion and Culture – partners will work together to deliver excellent provision, centres of learning will provide extended services where inclusion and diversity will be valued
  • Workforce and Continuing Professional Development – Surrey attracts and retains the best professionals and is acknowledged as a leader in the professional development of its workforce
  • Leadership and Partnership – there is a common sense of direction among partners, we embrace change and parents, children and young people will play a key role in decision making

Why does Surrey need a vision?

SCC held a series of workshops in the autumn of 2007 to find out what people in the learning community (schools, colleges and other partners) felt were the issues and challenges facing Surrey at that time. It was decided that Surrey needed a vision:

  • So that we deliver better opportunities and outcomes of Children and young people by making the best use of resources, through agreed priorities, focused joint working and a consistent approach
  • So we can tell Government that there is a consensus and clarity about Surrey's aspirations for learning in the county
  • So that SCC and other commissioners use it as a touchstone for future policy development, strategic thinking and planning.
  • So that partners have a clear and consistent basis for partnership working - a common sense of direction for learning

How did we build the vision?

The Vision for Learning describes what the learning community would like education and learning to look like in Surrey in 2020.

SCC used a well-proven process known as Scenario Planning to involve over 700 stakeholders from schools, colleges, businesses and other groups in building the Vision.

The first step was identifying the key drivers that Surrey could use to affect education and learning in Surrey. Our stakeholders decided that there were three influential drivers.

  • The degree to which we invest in Continuing Professional Development of the workforce
  • The degree of focus on the individual
  • The extent to which there is partnership working

Using these drivers a number of Headteachers began to shape scenarios for learning in 2020. Through a process of debate, all key groups had the opportunity to tell us what they did and did not like about each scenario, what else they would like to see, and what their priorities were for the future.

The most popular scenario was adopted as Surrey's Vision for Learning in 2020.

How will Surrey use the vision?

The vision will be used to decide what should be prioritised for development. For more information see the page on governance of the vision.

You can now download your own copy of Surrey's Vision for Learning in 2020 by following the link below.

Files available to download