Our strategic and financial framework

We are continuing to transform our services so they can be in the best place to deliver our 2030 ambitions.

We have to achieve our vision against an ever increasing demand for services and decreasing budgets. We therefore need to look at how we deliver services, considering new ways to help our residents that need us most.

We also need to look at how we, as a council, operate, ensuring that our residents are receiving the best from us and ensuring we are as efficient and effective as we should be.

Organisation Strategy

We have developed a new Organisation Strategy that looks at how we will work over the next four years and enable us to deliver the vision and make a real difference to residents' lives.

The Organisation Strategy sets out the council's contribution to achieving the aim and ambitions of the Community Vision for Surrey in 2030 and how we will work over the next five years to make a real difference to residents' lives.

We have refreshed the Strategy to reflect how our priorities and strategic approach have changed, building on the lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic and responding to the challenges and opportunities it has presented.

On 8 December 2020, full council agreed a refreshed strategy (available at the bottom of this page) that reflects the progress we have made over the last year. We have also created a one page summary (PDF).

People Workforce Strategy

To enable us to deliver for Surrey residents, we need to ensure we have the right workforce with the right skills. Our Workforce Strategy (PDF) sets out how we will develop the capacity and capability of our workforce to achieve the changes we need.

Our budget

We need to ensure the council has a balanced budget, while investing in the services that matter to our residents. Read more about our budget for 2020/21 agreed by Council on 4 February 2020.

Files available to download