Surrey Peer Challenge 2017

Peer challenge is a tool that is used to help councils to review their performance. For Surrey County Council, we use the peer challenges to help the new Council following the elections every 4 years, providing an up-to-date position statement on the organisation, its strengths and potential areas of focus for the term ahead.

In March 2017, Surrey County Council invited in an expert team from within local government, organised by the Local Government Association (LGA), to assess how far the council has come and review how it is currently run to ensure it has the capacity and capability to deliver the best outcomes possible for our residents.  The team spent 4 days in Surrey talking to officers, Members and partners about their experiences.  At the end of the week, they presented back their findings and subsequently wrote a more detailed report that provides an honest, independent and transparent verdict of the council's strengths and areas for improvement.  The report (below) includes Surrey’s approach to leadership and culture, the approach to governance, our capacity as a corporate organisation and our ability to handle the financial pressures effectively.

Files available to download