Our priorities

Surrey County Council's aim is to make a positive difference to the lives of our residents every day. We do this by providing a wide range of good quality services and supporting initiatives that benefit the county.

But we also need to keep driving costs down, as there is more demand on our services while government grants have been cut by £48m in the past three years.

This means we need to find new and innovative ways of delivering our services and make sure we are focused on our key priorities.

Information and services

Creating opportunities for young people

    Creating apprenticeship places for young people and helping them secure employment with Surrey businesses


    Keeping families healthy

      Encouraging people to look after themselves by maintaining a healthy diet, regularly exercising and highlighting the dangers of smoking and drinking too much alcohol


      Strengthening our economy

        Investing in services such as superfast broadband whilst improving transport links to position Surrey as a world class economy our residents can benefit from


        Investing in our schools

          Developing and growing our schools so that every child has a place and gets the best possible start in life


          Our priorities - improving our roads

            Including a five year programme to tackle the root cause of problems on the county's worst roads.


            Protecting our vulnerable children

              Safeguarding young people from abuse and finding loving homes for children who can't be with their birth parents


              Caring for our environment

                Disposing of household waste, operating recycling centres and maintaining Surrey's beautiful countryside


                Supporting our vulnerable adults

                  Supporting people with Dementia and caring for adults with mental health needs and disabilities


                  Helping families thrive

                    Helping families and carers get the best support possible to stay independent and well and provide information and advice on care and support options to all residents