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Revenue - how the council spends its budget


The purpose of the MTFP is to provide a comprehensive review of the Council's overall financial position for the current year and an overview of the prospects for the following two years. This year the financial planning process has been combined with the service strategies and visions. The Council approved the County Council's budgets for 2018-21 on 27 March 2018.

Where money from revenue comes from

Council tax (pdf)£709m

School grants (pdf)£488m

Business rates (pdf)£142m

Other government grants (pdf)£140m

Fees and charges (pdf)£103m

Other income (pdf)£94m

Reserves (pdf)£21m

Capital receipts (pdf)£15m


Where money from revenue is spent

Adult social care and health£537m

Adults social care (pdf)£500m

Public health (pdf)£37m

Central income and expenditure£46m

Central income and expenditure (pdf)£46m

Surrey fire and rescue service£44m

Surrey fire and rescue service (pdf)£44m