Investment Strategy

The council's strategic framework for innovation and investment is supporting the development of new ideas and approaches to enhance the financial resilience of the council. This increased emphasis on developing income streams has led to the creation of the Investment Board to approve acquisitions that contribute to the achievement of the agreed investment strategy, to monitor the performance of the portfolio and ensure satisfactory performance and effective risk management. The financial returns delivered from investment will help to ensure that we continue to deliver quality services for our residents.

The main principles of the Investment Strategy are:

  • The creation of a diversified and balanced portfolio of investments to facilitate future service provision, manage risk and secure an ongoing return to the Council.
  • Use of the established Revolving Investment and Infrastructure fund (the Investment Fund) to meet the initial revenue costs of funding initiatives that deliver savings and enhance income in the longer term.
  • The Investment Fund is to be used to support investments that generate additional income to support the delivery of the Council's functions and services.
  • Investments that have the potential to support economic growth in the County of Surrey.
  • Retaining assets where appropriate and undertaking effective property asset management, and if necessary associated investment, to enhance income generation.

The Summary Annual Report of the Investment Board provides an overview of the progress we have made in developing a property investment portfolio and enhancing the financial resilience of the council.

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