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Rights advocacy and complaints

You have the right to express your views and be listened to by the adult professionals making decisions that affect you and your life.

What can you do if

  • Children's Services are not giving you the help you need?
  • You are not happy with or do not understand the decisions that are being made about your life?
  • You do not feel listened to?
  • You want support to make a complaint?

We can resolve most complaints quickly and successfully at your local office. If you have a concern, you can:

  • talk about it with the member of staff you have most contact with
  • ask to speak to or meet with the team manager
  • contact the Children's Rights Service - Customer Relations
  • If this does not resolve your complaint, we can offer you a meeting to try and find a solution

If you are still not satisfied, contact our Children's Rights service to talk about whether you want to make a complaint and if you want an advocate to help you. If you write to us, please remember to include telephone numbers and, if possible, an email address that we can use to contact you. They will be able to discuss the next stage of the process with you and make the necessary arrangements.

Once you have exhausted all stages of the process, if you are still not satisfied, you can contact the Local Government Ombudsman to discuss your concerns further. You can take advice from the Local Government Ombudsman at any stage.

For more information about advocacy support and how an advocate can help you, download the 'What can an advocate do for me?' information sheet shown below.

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