Your Fund Surrey criteria

We want Your Fund Surrey to be as easy as possible for communities to access, but we must stay true to our number one aim of delivering meaningful improvements to local areas.

The fund is comprised of public money and it is essential that it is put to good use. Therefore, there is a set of criteria we need Your Fund Surrey projects to meet, set out below.

Idea submission criteria

Pass/fail criteria


Does the idea fit with the aims of Surrey's Community Vision 2030?

Highlight which of the aims the project will meet:

  • Children and young people feel safe and confident
  • Everyone benefits from education, skills and employment opportunities
  • Everyone lives healthy, active and fulfilling lives
  • Everyone gets the health and social care support they need
  • Communities are welcoming and supportive
  • Residents live in clean, safe and green communities
  • Journeys across the county are easier and safer
  • Everyone has a place they can call home
  • Businesses in Surrey thrive
  • Communities are well connected and grow sustainably

Do you have the right financial set up in place?

Bidders will be made aware of the requirement of a certified bank account in the name of their organisation. They will be asked to confirm if:

  • They have one
  • They are taking steps towards getting one
  • They require support from Surrey County Council or Partners to set one up

You will need to confirm that the Funding won't be used for…….

  • Supporting political organisations or individuals
  • Covering ongoing revenue costs, such as salaries or running costs
  • Replacing any withdrawn funding from Surrey County Council or existing projects
  • Funding public sector bodies or private companies to carry out their statutory duties
  • Projects that contravene any of Surrey County Council's agreed policies or priorities
  • Paying for a consultant to make an application to the fund on the applicants' behalf
  • Retrospective funding

Is there community support?

Using the Commonplace platform, you will need to demonstrate that you have engaged your community and there has been an indication of community support for your idea/project. You will also be asked to highlight any backing received from your local councillor.

Full submission scored criteria

Criteria to be scored against


How will the project be delivered?

Projects should have a clear project plan in place to show how the project will be delivered and demonstrate you have the necessary support needed to do so

Is there any additional help needed to run the project?

Proposals should highlight if there are additional people or volunteers that can be called upon, or money from other sources that can be used to make the project work

What are the long-term benefits?

Please outline how using the funding will have lasting benefits, for at least five years going forward, explaining who will benefit and how they will benefit

Does it make a positive difference to people's lives?

Show us how the project will make a positive difference to peoples' lives and the wider community. This could include improving people's health and wellbeing, the environment around them or helping people to come together

Has the environmental impact of the project been considered?

Show that the project will encourage sustainable practices and activity and that long term it won't have a negative impact on the environment

Is there wider community support?

Using the Commonplace platform, you will need to demonstrate that others in your community support the project idea and that it will benefit the wider community. Also highlight where you are working in partnership with other local organisations/businesses.

The governance behind Your Fund Surrey is currently being updated. For more information, please contact us at: