‘No one left behind’ ambition guides Surrey’s 2022/23 budget

Surrey County Council's Budget for 2022/2023

Tackling mental health, climate change and social care

Surrey County Council has set out its 2022/23 budget, designed to tackle big challenges including mental health, climate change and social care, and make sure no one is left behind.

The budget sets out how the council will spend just over £1bn on day-to-day services that everyone in Surrey relies on, as well as a five-year investment programme in key infrastructure across the county.

Presenting the budget, Council Leader Tim Oliver said: "This budget is all about responsible, strong leadership in the face of fundamental challenges, to deliver our collective ambitions for Surrey.

"No one left behind is the guiding principle for all that this council does – helping those that need us most and improving quality of life for everyone in Surrey.

"Every single penny of Council Tax – every single penny we spend – is spent to make Surrey a better place."

Surrey has 1.2m residents and the county council is responsible for the various needs of all of them including adults and children with disabilities and Special Educational Needs, looking after elderly residents who need support, and vulnerable children and families through social care.

These are the most expensive public services as often specific and tailored care and support are required for each person, sometimes with very complex needs.

The county council is also responsible for Surrey-wide services such as roads and pavements, public transport, countryside management, schools, recycling centres, libraries, birth, death and marriage registration, public health, and trading standards, as well as major infrastructure projects like flood defence and new road building.

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service is also the responsibility of the county council, and paid for through Council Tax.

More information about our budget, and what your Council Tax is spent on, is shown on our Council Tax leaflet for 2022/23 (PDF) and via our Council Tax webpages.

Listen to Episode 6 of the Surrey Matters podcast where Councillor Tim Oliver sets out the council's No One Left Behind ambitions.

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