Multi-million-pound investment in mental health services for Surrey

Mental health budget

Making Surrey a better place to live and work

The COVID pandemic has created profound challenges for so many of our residents and has put immense pressure on mental health services – making it harder for people to get the support they need.

Which is why a new multi-million-pound investment into mental health services has been announced by Surrey County Council as part of the 2022/23 budget proposals.

How will this money be spent?

As part of the county's No One Left Behind agenda, the council is increasing investment by £8m, which will help deliver faster and better care for those needing help, extra support for young people and more prevention and early intervention to stop people reaching crisis point.

This is part of £46.5m allocated to improving mental health in the Council's proposed 2022/23 budget.

The additional funding further helps Surrey's work on combating mental health issues, including:

  • More mental health counsellors
  • Extra help in schools to improve young people's mental health
  • More practitioners to aid people's recovery
  • Grants to mental health charities
  • Investment in suicide prevention
  • More practical advice for residents to enjoy better mental health
  • Increase in early support like talking therapy
  • More mental health hospital beds for people in crisis
  • Specialist accommodation for people in recovery

For more information, including details about council tax and where the council will spend its budget next year, visit the Surrey News budget story.

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