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Exhibitions will explain proposals to improve the town centre

Exhibitions will take place later this month so people who live, visit, study or travel in Farnham can find out about proposals for changes to the town centre.

The Farnham Infrastructure Programme, which is made up of Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council, Farnham Town Council and Jeremy Hunt MP, has been looking for ways to improve the town, including making it more attractive for shoppers, reducing congestion and improving air quality.

The proposals

Castle Street and Downing Street improvements

  • This proposal would formalise the temporary pavement widening on both roads to create an improved environment for shoppers, with space for outdoor dining and retailers' deliveries alongside new trees and planting.

Changing the traffic flow direction, and widening pavements on The Borough, Castle Street and Downing Street

  • This proposal would widen pavements and provide new and improved crossings around the town centre for pedestrians, alongside space for cycle parking and retailers' deliveries alongside new trees and planting,. It will also change the traffic flow, so some roads that are currently one-way would become two-way. This would prevent vehicles having to circle unnecessarily around the town.

There will also be the opportunity to have a look at ways to improve the A31 corridor, with options for the Coxbridge Roundabout, Hickley's Corner and the Shepherd and Flock Roundabout.


We are holding exhibitions which will provide the detailed information and the ability to put questions to the programme team.

Due to the extreme heat weather warning, the programme has decided to cancel the planned session which was due to take place on Tuesday 19 July at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA).

Instead, there will be an additional morning session from 9.30am to 12.30pm at The Bush Hotel on Wednesday 20 July.

The other sessions will continue as planned. They are:

  • Saturday 16 July 9.30am to 12.30pm at Farnham Maltings, Bridge Square, GU9 7QR
  • Wednesday 20 July 1.30 to 4.30pm at The Bush Hotel, The Borough, GU9 7NN
  • Thursday 21 July 3.45 to 6.45pm at Farnham Leisure Centre, Dogflud Way, GU9 7UD

    The programme cancelled the UCA event to protect the welfare of staff, and to make sure people in Farnham who many not wish to travel in the heat are still able to attend and find out about the town centre proposals.

Go to our Farnham Infrastructure Programme web page to find out how the consultation has gone so far.

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