Automatic fire alarms for businesses

Surrey Fire and Rescue is adapting how they respond to AFA calls

An AFA is an automatic fire alarm activation, warning people of a possible fire by sound or speech. Most business properties should have them properly fitted, tested and serviced. Some of them may be monitored by an external company.

In an emergency or if you know there is a fire in a building, dial 999 immediately, even if the building has an automatic fire alarm.

Why is Surrey Fire and Rescue adapting how they respond to all AFA calls

As of October 2022, Surrey Fire and Rescue will only respond to AFAs in non-domestic business properties if they receive confirmation that there is a fire.

Watch the short animation video below explaining why this is happening and how it will improve the service.

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service Business Fire Safety Team already works hard with business owners and managers to educate them about their responsibilities for fire safety. They also work with those responsible people to help them prevent fires and other incidents to improve their resilience.

They offer free Business Safe and Well Visits for all businesses in Surrey where you can gain advice from our specialist teams and crews. Visit the Surrey Fire and Rescue home page to book one.

To find out more about AFA's and view their frequently asked questions, visit Surrey Fire and Rescue Service Fire detection and alarms web page.

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