Afghan refugees in Surrey

What is happening in Surrey with Afghan refugees?

Agencies across Surrey are currently helping with the repatriation of Afghan migrants to the UK. Surrey is a welcoming county, and several local boroughs have already opened their doors to help house individuals and families fleeing to the UK. Surrey County Council is also working closely with District and Boroughs, health providers, the voluntary and charity sector, other local partners and central government to ensure families can be resettled safely.

While the immediate need is to find accommodation to house people once they have completed their stay through Managed Quarantine Service hotels, there are wider needs to be considered, including health, social integration and basic supplies.

We've put together some Frequently Asked Questions about the repatriation scheme in Surrey which you may find useful.

What can I do to help?

Our communities stand ready to support this effort and many Surrey residents are asking if they can help. Due to operational and logistical challenges, as well as COVID control considerations, we are asking that any donations at this point are financial ones, to charities that are best equipped to immediately support Afghan refugees.

  • The Community Foundation for Surrey has an emergency fund in place to administer donations locally and information on how to donate can be found on their website.
  • Alternatively, the Red Cross are active in managing donations and supporting arrivals from Afghanistan, and wider local support will be needed from foodbanks and other charities, which can be found via Surrey Information Point.
  • Afghan Welcome is an affiliation of charities working with the Home Office to offer support with housing, education materials, baby basics, employment and training, to ensure that Afghan residents settlement into the UK is as easy as possible. See how you can help here Afghan Welcome | Supporting new arrivals from Afghanistan

Thank you for your generosity and support.

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