Are you struggling to stay independent at home?

Find the support you and your loved ones need

Many people live with conditions or disabilities that prevents them from leading the lives they want to and just need a little support. Often people don't plan what to do, or know where to turn, in the event of a health or care crisis for themselves or for a loved one.

The Surrey Information Point (SIP) website includes a vast amount of useful information and details of local trusted networks and organisations to help you and your loved ones live healthy, happy and independent lives.

There is lots of help available in your local area and Surrey Information Point (SIP) can point you in the right direction to find, and make, the right choices on care and support.

Information includes:

  • Help with shopping, cooking and eating
  • Emotional support and befriending groups and services
  • Home care agencies to help people do everyday things like getting out of bed, dressing and washing
  • Groups and services for various health conditions including diabetes, disability, dementia, cancer and mental health and wellbeing centres
  • Activities and hobbies in your local community
  • Support for people who are caring for others
  • Getting out and about.

So if you, or someone you know, needs some extra help after a hospital stay or an illness or they're just not able to do all the things they once could do themselves there's some great options in the community where you live.

If you're not confident online, ask friends or family, health and care professionals, charities or staff in your local library to show you where you can find more information online and access the support you need.

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