Coping with Exam Stress

Advice for parents and carers of young people in Surrey

With exam season approaching for many students across Surrey, we know that it can be a stressful time for young people.

It's normal for young people to feel a bit worried about exams, but if the pressure is affecting their mental health, there are ways to help them ease the stress.

Watch out for the signs of exam stress

If you're worried about how exam pressure is affecting your child, there are some signs you can look out for. Children and young people who are stressed may:

  • Worry excessively
  • Have headaches and stomach pains
  • Not sleep well
  • Be irritable
  • Eat less or more than normal
  • Have a low mood
  • Feel hopeless about the future

Things you can do to ease your child's stress

If your child is stressed due to exams, you can help them by:

  • Encouraging them to share how they are feeling
  • Talking to their teacher or tutor about what support their school or college can offer
  • Encouraging them to join a study group or start their own
  • Making sure that they eat well, exercise and get enough sleep
  • Asking them how you can support them with their revision
  • Being reassuring and positive

Visit the Mindworks website for advice and guidance

Mindworks is the emotional wellbeing and mental health service for children and young people in Surrey. On the website, you can find information, advice and resources for children of all ages, and their parents and carers.

Their web page on anxiety includes a wide range of useful information for young people dealing with exam stress, including self-care methods advice on coping with anxiety, and links through to helplines and other useful websites.

If your child's anxiety about exams is severe, persistent and interferes with their everyday life, we recommend talking to your GP.

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