Your new active journey

What does your car free journey look like to you?

Re-thinking how you get from A to B and opting to walk or cycle instead of taking the car for some of your shorter journeys might have a positive impact on your health and happiness, your wallet, your relationships with loved ones and the environment.

It's not always possible to leave the car at home, but many of us are guilty of jumping in the car out of habit for journeys which could easily be walked or cycled. Could you start swapping a few journeys and walk or cycle for 20 minutes?

The 'keeping fit' journey

Small amounts of exercise can make a big difference, not just physically but mentally too. Fresh air improves wellbeing, increases concentration and productivity. Incorporating more physical activity can help you lose weight, strengthen and tone muscles and reduce your risk of illnesses.

The 'family time' journey

Spending quality time together could be walking or cycling some of your shorter journeys, rather than being busy concentrating on driving or worrying about where to park. It can encourage more conversations and is a great bonding opportunity.

The 'saving money' journey

The cost to fill an average petrol car at current prices is £121 whilst walking is free and the cost of an average bike is £332. Reducing how often you use the car could be a great way to save some money and you'll reap the benefits in other ways too.

What we're doing to support you to leave the car at home

  • Walking and cycling routes – Surrey has a substantial network of routes that can be found on the Cycle Network web page that are separated from traffic to make it easier and safer for you to walk and cycle. Check out our large collection of maps and route guides on the Surrey's Countryside web page.
  • Rewards and prizes - The BetterPoints app rewards you with points and the chance to win prizes when you walk, cycle or use public transport in Surrey. The points you earn can be exchanged for vouchers to spend at participating retailers or donated to charity. Download the app from the BetterPoints web page.
  • Feet First: Walking Training - We offer training to children aged 7 to 8 years old (Year 3) which provides them with road safety skills to better enable them to safely walk to and from school with their parents and carers and prepare them for independent travel. Speak to your school to find out if they're taking part.
  • Travel resources for schools - We offer a range of services and courses to schools to equip young people with lifelong skills to plan their journeys and walk or cycle safely. Visit the Bikability cycle training web page for more information.
  • Bike funding grants - Funding is available to provide a cash contribution towards the purchase of a new or refurbished bike, bike equipment and other activities for looked after children who don't currently have access to one. Visit the User Voice and Participation web page.

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