Leave the car at home to earn rewards

Better points

Make a car-free journey to earn points that can be traded for vouchers or donated to charity

Did you know 41 per cent of carbon emissions in Surrey come from transport? That's why we're trying to make it easier for people in Surrey to reduce car travel for local journeys and get around by walking, cycling or public transport instead.

We've teamed up with the BetterPoints app to make every car-free journey worth your while. The app tracks your journey and awards points which can be redeemed for high street vouchers for you to spend at your favourite shop, local coffee shop or can be donated to charity. So whether you walk, cycle or catch the bus – every journey counts.

Wondering when you could leave the car at home? Here's five things to think about:

  • Time. Jumping in the car isn't always the quickest way to get somewhere local.
  • Can I get what I need locally? It can easily become a habit to jump in the car and travel further than we need to, but there are often places that offer what we need right on our doorstep. Could you easily walk to get what you need instead?
  • Parking at your destination. When travelling to your local high street you may often find that you can park nearer to your destination if you arrive by bicycle instead of by car. Tip: You can find the location of cycle parking available across Surrey via our Cycle Facility Map. We are continually updating the map as we learn about more locations that are publicly available.
  • Explore your local area for exclusive walking and cycling routes. Sometimes we assume the only way to reach our destination is using the same route that we would usually drive but there are often traffic-free routes that are shorter or more pleasant to use if travelling on foot or by bike. Tip: Websites like CycleStreets are great way to plan your journey based on the type of route you are most comfortable using and they might help you find shortcuts that you didn't know existed!
  • Keep active as part of your journey. It isn't always easy to find time to exercise and it's not always practical to walk or cycle the whole way to where you need to go. However most bus or train journeys also involve walking at either end. If you take public transport and want to fit more exercise into your day, why not get off the bus one stop early and enjoy the last leg of your journey on foot?

Get involved and start earning points today. Download the BetterPoints app from the App Store or get it on Google Play to earn rewards. For more information visit the BetterPoints website.

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