Get rewarded for living a greener lifestyle

How recycling more and wasting less can lead to prizes for Elmbridge residents

Rethink Waste is a free waste reduction incentive scheme currently open to all Elmbridge residents. It helps you to reduce the amount of waste you produce by offering incentives, such as charity donations and prizes, to do so.

When you sign up to the scheme you can access fun weekly activities (including videos, quizzes, blogs and pledges) that can help reduce waste at home and when out and about. Once activities are completed, you are rewarded with points that can be used to donate to local schools or charities or even to enter competitions with great prizes including iPads and TVs.

You can also see the amount of carbon savings made by the activities you complete and can access a zero-waste map of Elmbridge showing locations that can be used to help reduce waste and an eco-shop where you can find approved eco-friendly products.

If you are an Elmbridge resident, think about how you can live a greener lifestyle and win prizes. Sign up to Greenredeem now.

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