Supported Independent Living in Surrey

An animation of a new plan for independent living in Surrey

A place to call home

Designs have been unveiled for new housing which will enable people with care and support needs to live independently in their communities across Surrey.

As a part of the No One Left Behind initiative, the council's aim is to reduce the use of traditional residential care for people with learning disabilities by 40% to 50% by 2025. This will allow adults with learning disabilities to live in state-of-the-art housing where they can exercise independence, choice and control in their daily lives.

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Developments will be located in the heart of local communities, to connect people with opportunities which will help them thrive. They will provide a place to call home and there will also be shared spaces, where people will be able to relax and socialise with others or meet friends and family. Residents will be able to learn new skills and gain confidence, helping them achieve their personal aspirations. Potential locations for the schemes are being considered.

The County Council's Cabinet Tuesday 26 April Printed Decisions (page 3) has agreed to make funding available to develop three initial schemes, subject to planning approval, in Byfleet, Cobham and Horley.

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