Social Value Marketplace

Is part of our vision for public, private and social sectors in Surrey to work together to share our resources and collectively use these to improve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of our residents and local communities.

What can Surrey Social Value Marketplace help with?

The Surrey Social Value Marketplace has been designed to:

1. Enable the sharing of resources

Organisations working in our communities can post "Requests" for help based on local need.

Organisations that want to help can find out what communities need and respond to their "Requests" or they can let communities know how they can help by adding an "Offer" of help.

2. Encourage partnership working and collaboration across sectors

Organisations can create a profile and provide information about the services they provide.

Organisations can connect and communicate with each other if they are working towards the same social, economic and environmental outcomes.

3. Secure additional value from public sector spending through the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012

Organisations can use this site to comply with legislation and target the social value commitments secured through their procurement process towards local community needs.

To find out about the offers for the Community and Community Requests at Surrey social value marketplace and how it could benefit your local community, or if you have something to offer your community.